ETAA Test Prep

  • The Vein Poppers: Linear Equations

    Don’t figure out the answer, just eliminate the wrong answers! (The graphics that follow are pages 108-112 in the binder) The format for these 7 questions is based on the fact that any line can be expressed in 4 different ways: In other words, the question stem will be one of the four expressions above, […]

  • Bread & Butter: Plug-in PEMDAS

    There are more PEMDAS questions than any other math item on the ETAA. So you need to get all four Numeric Sequence questions right, and as many of the PEMDAS questions as you possibly can in the 46 minutes you have to take the test. The format for these questions is straightforward: you will get […]

  • The Layups: Numeric Sequences

    We now know the breakdown of math items on the ETAA. By far the easiest of the questions are Numeric Sequences. You need to get all four right. Here’s how. Find the change number Three of the four questions are what I call “First Order” series. That is, the sequence is determined by adding or […]

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