Numeric Sequences

Can you do a take away in your head, and use the difference to predict the next number of the sequence?  The LU3 Aptitude test only has arithmetic sequences (add a number, and maybe an increment, to get the next number). The links below include alternating sequences and geometric sequences.  ONLY arithmetic sequences will be on the test.

Order of Operations

Not only do you need to do takeaways in your head, can you multiply/divide/add/subtract in the correct order?  There are many more of these items on the LU3 Aptitude test, so practice, practice, practice.

  • LearnAlberta — If you have no idea about PEMDAS, this is a good place to start. Be patient, takes a while to load.
  • Mr. Nussbaum — Step by step through math problems, takes a while to load.
  • Softschools — more step by step
  • XP Math — shoot-em-up step by step
  • Math-Play — A ‘Millionaire’ game
  • Quia — another millionaire game
  • MathFROG — this is a timed test to stress you out just like the actual Aptitude test. HTML3 compliant!
  • MathisFun — A little more in depth. Now they made it a register site.
  • JeopardyLabs — I have no idea how it works.

Linear Equations

Don’t freak out! All you need to do is “eyeball” slopes and intercepts for linear equations, and be able to translate between formulas, data tables, graphs and verbal expressions. These links will help you get used to the “lingua franca.”

Dimensional Analysis

A key item on the math section is measuring the ability to express changes in one variable of an equation, when another changed.  This is sometimes called the relationship between independent and dependent variables. Play with these virtual labs, to get a “feel” for what dimensional analysis is all about.

Independent/Dependent Variables

Being able to algebraically manipulate variables is another skill assessed on the Aptitude test. Unlike the Order of Operations section, you don’t need to find a numeric answer on this section, like the Dimensional Analysis section.

  • MathisFun — If you spent your high school algebra class hanging out in the school stairwell, this is a good place to start.
  • IXL
  • Quia
  • XPMath — still have to register I think.

LU3 Reading Comprehension Links

There will be 4 long technology passages that will be similar in content to the topics below.  Familiarizing yourself with the jargon will help you answer question on the actual Aptitude test.


Salt Production

Road Construction


Computer/Body Parts