Follow Your LEED

Buildings aren’t just structures with four walls, floor and ceiling. The East River Park is one of many infrastructure projects in our city. But what makes a structure green?

Now located across the street from Fearless Girl, the US Green Building Council created the most used buildings tally system, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design checklist.  154,000 buildings and counting. Inhabitat has interesting examples.

Here’s a LEED category quick list.

Only California has more gross square feet LEED certified than New York.

Here are some lists:

Let’s start by thinking about NYC buildings:

180 Maiden Lane
LEED Checklist
This SL Green building also received EPA EnergyStar certification.

Sited at the downtown Seaport, connected to the East River Greenway, 180 Maiden received 13/15 checks for Alternative commuting transportation (SSc4)

It also received 4/18 Optimize energy efficiency performance (EAc1)

I found this building interesting because when I walk out of the building I work at, I can walk to it in 5 minutes.