Gearing up for the ETAA

Hello Trades Math graduates!

First, please take a minute to look over the links to the right. I have placed all of the reference materials for this test prep here, including what ETAA means, “the binder” and practice problems, with an answer key!

The links on the right can always be found by clicking on the CWE logo at the upper left on any page in this website.

I always start this test prep course with a breakdown of what is on the test:

When I sat for the exam many years ago, my biggest takeaway for why people don’t pass is:

Time Management

My best guess is that you can get ten math items (out of 33) wrong and still pass. Starting now, you need to figure out which math items are easiest for you, and do them first when you sit for the actual exam.


My test prep classes always include a quick quiz (“Kwik/z”). The link is on the top menu. Please note, I _never_ give you enough time to answer all of the questions, just like you will experience when you take the ETAA. So don’t stress out, just try to do your best.

The math skill used on every question: Signed Numbers

Every ETAA math question is designed to assess how good you are with signed numbers. Here are the rules:

You have to own these rules in your sleep. Let’s try page 35 in the binder…