Today’s Tornadoes — Our Asteroid

65 million years ago was the last time Earth experienced a “Hockey Stick” / Mass Extinction hiccup on the Global Temperature graph. Then, all of the dinosaurs with wings flew away, and evolved into birds.

Today – ¼ of birds in North America have died off already, and it’s not just the flu. That’s a lot of canaries whose archaic progenitors successfully flew away from the last Asteroid, only to be killed off today.

Our Asteroid has already crashed down upon us.
We just don't know it yet.

Is it already

2 late
2 change
2 survive

when we’re killing each other for things that are killing all of us? As Al Gore said, the question is ultimately an ethical/moral one: what will you tell your grandchildren when they grow up, when they ask you what you did, when the tornadoes touched down before Holy Thursday?