All the best

As you know, before I go to sleep, I reflect upon what went well that day, and what improvements I can make in the future. Yesterday, errors in my answer key for Homework #3 were pointed out to me.

The error was evinced in problems 13 and 15 of yesterday’s Kwik Kwiz as well.

So I went back to the spreadsheets and updated the equations:

As a journeyman of my craft, i want apprentices who can point out errors I’ve overlooked, as I said in class yesterday, an error created in the crazy days of Summer 2020, and perpetuated every subsequent iteration.

My biggest regret was not saying “thank you” to the two students who pointed out errors of me grading Homework #3. When you become apprentices, don’t expect any thank yous on the worksite. That’s what the paycheck is for.

Your futures in the construction trades are bright. I wish you all the best.