It always happens the week before Thanksgiving

Attn BCP-150: go ask Maria, a year ago, again my technology failed, epically. One of my professors told me today in the hallway (Prof. Halport walked by) that something like a malevolent alignment of cosmic forces is upon us, right now. My crew, my apologies, adrift yesterday upon a crippled ship, watching the rime grow, less than a week before final disembarkment.
Here’s what’s on tap between now and then.

  1. Download tasks
    • percentage
    • blueprint
    • units
      • metric
      • Imperial
  2. Upload answers no later than Monday, 8AM (11/21)
  3. Receive your assessment before next class, Tuesday 1-3PM (11/22)
  4. Next class (11/22) objectives:
    • Homework Feedback
    • Resistor Coding
    • maybe something else
  5. Final: 10AM 2~ PM (11/23)
    • Part I: Group assessment
    • 20 minute break
    • Part II: Individual assessment
      • Percentages
      • Blueprints
      • Units

ALERT: I had to dry dock the online curriculum. Please don’t login anymore. I will provide whatever materials you require, “in the clear.” Everything you need is
on deck.


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