Hobbit Homes

Where I live, most of my neighbors are at the Puerto Rican Riviera. Alas for us, we can only dream about where we would like to be, right now. I fantasize about retiring to my hobbit home.

Hobbit houses are my “there and back again” retreat to my Welsh homeland. I’ll be honest, when COVID hit, it was 50/50 I would just run away, and earn a wage writing curriculum from my hobbit home.

What’s a hobbit home? Here are some references:

it’s all about the glamping!

Here’s another list:

let’s ease back into study mode with a simple question:

Find a hobbit home
that caught your eye.
Connect it to 3Circles.

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and if you don’t know what 3Circles means, omg.

Here’s the best last week’s class found. Can you add to the list?