Hobbit Homes

Where I live, most of my neighbors are at the Puerto Rican Riviera. Alas for us, we can only dream about where we would like to be, right now. I fantasize about retiring to my hobbit home.

Hobbit houses are my “there and back again” retreat to my Welsh homeland. I’ll be honest, when COVID hit, it was 50/50 I would just run away, and earn a wage writing curriculum from my hobbit home.

What’s a hobbit home? Here are some references:

it’s all about the glamping!

Here’s another list:

let’s ease back into study mode with a simple question:

Find a hobbit home
that caught your eye.
Connect it to 3Circles.

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and if you don’t know what 3Circles means, omg.

Here’s the best last week’s class found. Can you add to the list?

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  1. I would like to reside in the Aerona eco-cabin. This cabin has eco-friendly designs and functions such as underfloor heating powered by a wind turbine and solar panels, and the use of sheep’s wool to insulate the walls.

  2. a hobbit home I found interesting was the green magic homes, their building efficiency reduces buildIng time down by 60% compared to regular construction. their two layer waterproofing method helps with prolonging the lifetime of these buildings. in the three circles this helps with keeping consumption low and keeps it sustainable.

  3. i was looking at Eco cabins and they are really great because they have a wind turbine on the farm that heats the floor and the room when it gets cold. The gas that is being produced in this home is carbon dioxide from the wood burning in the fireplace and propane from the oven and gas hob. the effect that this has on the environment is very little because the house is mostly made of natural materials like wool and timber but the gas that is emitted does harm the environment but its way less than the cars that are drivinground and the buildings and factories that are in cities.

  4. https://greenmagichomes.com/

    Green Magic Homes is a collection of modular homes that are built to reduce the amount of materials, and being locally sourced, helps with transportation by lowering the amount of dirty fuel used, and allowing plants and other foliage to grow over the home, reducing the carbon footprint.

  5. 3 Circles Aerona (eco home)

    octagonal house with welsh timber
    Valley / Meadows which is open up
    heated floor to keep you warm along the whole year
    Wind turbine and solar panels to power the home
    Relaxed / peaceful atmosphere

  6. diego diaz https://www.thecoolist.com/hobbit-homes/ #7the dune house.

    it counts as two homes in one because of the shape its in. Measuring 750-square-feet each.

    its already in a way underground so it wont burn much fossil fuels
    the temp might be a bit more fresh sue to the sun not hitting it alot

  7. i learned about The hobbit house it uses solar panels for electricity needs. This is important and contributes to the 3 circles as it doesn’t burn fossil fuels and damages the environment.

  8. The home I found was in the inhabitat section. The home is called Columbia Gorge Airbnb. It is the first solar powered hobbit home. It is located near acres of land and lots of sunlight. Their are hills and green views. The climate is warm.

  9. While researching hobbit homes i came across The Shrine of Montana. with the open space available you have plenty of activities to do. this house is small which results in less carbon being produced when constructing this house or others similar to this


  10. I learned about the Casa Orgánica which seemed interesting that is located near Mexico City. From the outside we only see grass, shrubs, trees and flowers, which produce oxygen, reject pollution and filter dust and carbon dioxide. Inside the house there is a temperature of 64-71 Fahrenheit and a humidity of 40 to 60% throughout the year, therefore, it is hot in winter and cool in summer. The earth and the sun work together to maintain a stable temperature inside the house, where the earth shelters while the sun shines and warms, helping to prevent respiratory diseases and disorders.


  11. diego diaz https://www.thecoolist.com/hobbit-homes/ #7the dune house.

    it counts as two homes in one because of the shape its in. Measuring 750-square-feet each.

    its already in a way underground so it wont burn much fossil fuels
    the temp might be a bit more cooler since the sun doesnt hit hard on it

  12. A hobbit home I found nice was The Undercroft Hobbit House because there will be wood around the area and you can make a fire, since the house will be covered in snow and something extreme would-be blizzards or avalanche.

  13. Santa Fe Hobbit House. The structure fits perfectly into a New Mexico landscape and helps minimize the usage and need for air conditioning for the area which helps reduce the amount of electricity usage

  14. A hobbit home I found interesting was the villa vals, secluded and the terrace is wind protected. There is a terrace which has a fountain that is fed all year from the house’s own spring and it is clean drinkable water.

  15. The Shire of Montana crafted by Steve and Christine Michaels, the Montana-based couple went above and beyond to make this mini Shire feel as fanciful as possible .stays a constant 55 degrees because it’s entirely underground. The entire Shire overlooks their scenic Whitepine Ranch which boasts an old fashioned, red barn built in 1918 and a pond that brings in a myriad of waterfowl.


  16. I learned about a hobbit home in a Slovenian shire. This home was created using the building principles of the era, including natural materials such as wood, loam, straw and a lush layer of native grass that completely covers the handmade structure. They are not using any extra materials just the ones they’re provided with. They are complete with homes made out of wood, clay and additional materials found in nature. They also have mirrored tube lamps in the curved ceiling which allow natural light to filter into the living area. So everything is green and complete de with resources given by nature.


  17. Green Magic Homes
    I learned that Green Magic homes are rich in soil and make them efficiently and saving while keeping them temperature balanced interior that foster.


  18. This Slovenian hobbit home caught my attention. The homes are made of locally sourced, natural materials, such as loam, wood and straw, with outer coverings of lush, natural grass.

  19. well written, but i have to revise my objective to focus the urls on the actual hobbit house ur talking about, not a list.

  20. new york woodland hobbit house triple-pane thermal windows and a heat recovery ventilator The outside is made of natural stone and covered with a green roof.