NEW ETAA Test Prep Entrance Exam

What this Entrance Exam IS: a way to measure how well you already know the 5 math items on the test, and your reading skills. Knowing your existing assets from Day 1 allows us to more efficiently address your needs and deficiencies, and avoid teaching you things you already know.

What this Entrance Exam ISN’T: You will not be barred from taking this test prep class just because you didn’t do well on this Entrance Exam. Please do not stress out if you don’t know how to get the answers to the questions — that’s why you’re taking this test prep class in the first place!

The Entrance Exam has 5 sections. Only one will be visible at a time, and you must complete each assessment in the time specified.

If at all possible, please use a computer to take these assessments. It will be more challenging to read the passages and submit your answers on a smart phone.


  1. Basic Math (15 min)
  2. Numerical Sequences (10 min)
  3. Algebraic Expressions (20 min)
  4. Linear Equations (30 min)
  5. Reading (40 min)