Part V — Reading

    Answer the following 33 questions.
    You have 40 minutes to complete this section of the Entrance Exam.

    Answer questions 1-10 based on information presented in the passage below. Click on the readme link to download the passage.


    1. The migratory path of the Arctic Tern:
    A. varies depending on the year.
    B. is from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back to the Arctic.
    C. is from the Arctic to the Antarctic.
    D. is to the North in the summer and South in the winter.
    2. According to the author, the main reason birds migrate is:
    A. because their body structure and physiology is best suited for migration.
    B. to find the best climate at different times during the year.
    C. because birds enjoy flying great distances.
    D. because birds are an important source of food in different parts of the worlds.
    3. It can be inferred from the passage that the relationship between the European fur traders and the Native Americans was:
    A. friendly.
    B. hostile.
    C. based on commerce.
    D. nonexistent.
    4. Which governmental agency is responsible for investigating threats to migratory birds?
    A. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    B. The Department of the Interior
    C. Congress
    D. The Migratory Bird Act
    5. Which best describes the role of the Biological Survey?
    A. the agency responsible for collecting data on bird migration
    B. the agency, in connection with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that is responsible for collecting data on bird migration
    C. the agency responsible for collecting data on bird migration before the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    D. the agency responsible for investigating threats to migratory birds
    6. The passage states that all of the following are threats to migratory bird populations
    A. pollution.
    B. hunting.
    C. loss of habitat.
    D. insect pests.
    7. As it is used in line 16 of the passage, the word imminence most nearly means:
    A. importance.
    B. celebration.
    C. close arrival.
    D. warmth.
    8. According to the passage, with the increasing population in North America, migratory birds no longer hunted for food were appreciated by all of the following EXCEPT:
    A. sportsmen.
    B. bird watchers.
    C. European fur traders.
    D. farmers.
    9. According to the passage, the need for laws to protect migratory birds was brought about by:
    A. a realization of their value as something other than a source of food.
    B. the increase in sport hunting.
    C. the devastating effects of pollution.
    D. the creation of the Migratory Bird Act.
    10. According to the passage, which group or groups keep data on the migration and status of birds?
    A. university personnel and volunteer birdwatchers
    B. Fish and Wildlife Service
    C. Biological Survey
    D. Fish and Wildlife Service along with university personnel and volunteer birdwatchers

    Answer questions 11-18 based on information presented in the passage below.

    11. Why is touching a door knob with a key considered a simple way to avoid static electricity?
    A. The key will discharge your body without pain
    B. The key will prevent your body from getting charged
    C. The static electric sparks will blast the key and not your hand
    D. The key charges you with negative electricity
    12. When does static electricity occur?
    A. Whenever the number of positive and the number of negative charges in a person’s body is out of balance
    B. Whenever people touch a car knob with a key or any other metal object
    C. Any time there is a friction between shoe soles and a rug or a carpet
    D. In the winter when the air is very dry and the chance of free sparks in the air increases
    13. What is “net electric charge”?
    A. The number of positive and negative electric charges in one’s body
    B. An alternative name for static electricity
    C. The electric positive footprints we leave behind when we walk
    D. The total likelihood of getting zapped
    14. Based upon information given in the passage, which of the following statements is not true?
    A. Friction is not necessary for static electricity to happen
    B. When the number of positive and negative electric charges is equal, static electricity will not happen
    C. Static electricity is painful because it is hot and burns the skin
    D. Some people are much more prone to getting zapped by static electricity than others
    15. The last paragraph of the passage deals primarily with
    A. Describing ways to prevent static electricity
    B. Describing ways to prevent being zapped by static electricity
    C. Describing ways to grab a metal door knob
    D. Warning people against sitting in plastic car seat
    16. What is the main idea of the entire passage?
    A. Educate people about static electricity
    B. Prevent people from dragging their feet while walking on carpets
    C. Tell a story of people who were hurt by static electricity
    D. Warn people about static electricity
    17. According to the passage, how common is “static electricity”?
    A. It is very common
    B. It is quite rare
    C. It happens only in winter
    D. The paragraph does not provide sufficient information to answer this question
    18. What line from the passage best illustrates the fact that most people don’t know what causes static electricity?
    A. “Though static electricity is a common phenomenon its cause is quite mysterious and often unknown”
    B. “There is a simple way to avoid shocks caused by static electricity”
    C. “Every object is composed of a collection of positive and negative electric charges”
    D. “Static electricity is usually caused by friction of two objects against each other”

    Answer questions 19-25 based on information presented in the passage below.

    19. A good title for this passage would be
    A. “How power plants work”
    B. “Types of power plants”
    C. “How do turbines and generators work?”
    D. “Electricity throughout the nation”
    20. What is the force that spins the turbine in a power plant?
    A. Wind
    B. Water
    C. Natural gas
    D. Steam
    21. Which of the statements about power plants is not true?
    A. There are various types of power plants such as hydro or fossil plants
    B. Most people know how power plants work
    C. Most people have probably seen a power plant
    D. There are five major stages to the operation of a power plant
    22. How do the copper wires collect the electricity that was manufactured?
    A. By recording changes in their electric fields
    B. By running between the turbine and the transformer
    C. By spinning the windmills
    D. By cooling the steam back into water
    23. A turbine is compared to which of the following:
    A. Windmill
    B. Transformer
    C. Transmission lines
    D. Metal pipes
    24. What type of fuel is not mentioned as an energy source?
    A. Coal
    B. Natural gas
    C. Oil
    D. Uranium
    25. What happens to electricity once it is generated?
    A. It is “collected” by a generator
    B. It is sent to a substation
    C. It operates a turbine
    D. It burns fuel

    Answer questions 26-33 based on information presented in the passage below.

    26. Where are most of the natural gas reservoirs in the world located?
    A. Russia
    B. Middle East
    C. Europe and former USSR
    D. Texas and the Gulf of Mexico
    27. In the passage it is mentioned that, in order to recover gas, a hole in the ground is drilled. After the hole is drilled, what is usually used in order to bring the gas to the surface?
    A. A special gas pump
    B. The force of the gas’s own pressure
    C. Dome shaped rocks named ‘Impermeable Sedimentary’
    D. Generators
    28. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a common use associated with misconceptions of natural gas?
    A. Cooking
    B. Barbequing
    C. Car fuelling
    D. Motorcycle fuelling
    29. According to the most widely accepted theory dealing with the origin of gas, how is natural gas created?
    A. a. Underground high pressured interaction between minerals and gases
    B. b. A process of highly pressured compressing of organic matter over a
    long period of time
    C. Microorganisms chemically break down organic matter
    D. A chemical interaction between underground remains of plants and animals
    30. According to the passage, which of the following is not true about natural gas?
    A. It is a very important source of energy
    B. There are a lot of false beliefs associated with natural gas
    C. Natural gas is most likely found under the earth’s surface
    D. Natural gas is hard to find
    31. Of the following, which is the best title for this passage?
    A. Where can we find natural gas
    B. Natural gas, common misconceptions
    C. Natural gas – how it is formed and where it is found
    D. Natural gas – past, present, and future
    32. According to the passage, the formation of natural gas would not be possible without
    A. Organic matter
    B. Dome shaped rocks
    C. Fossil and propane
    D. Reservoirs
    33. What does it mean in the first paragraph when it says that natural gas is “environmentally friendly”?
    A. It does not pollute
    B. It is sufficient
    C. It is environmental
    D. It is easy to find