Only two assessments will count towards your course grade:

  1. Midterm
  2. Final


If the average of your Midterm and Final leads you to a “borderline” pass/fail course grade,
the effort made on your homeworks will weigh upon which side of the line your grade will fall.


The format of the two assessments will be identical to the homeworks listed in the Learnbox.

More importantly, you will receive an itemized assessment of your successes and errors, identifying what you know, and what you still need to practice.

Homework Deadlines

The last workday of every week will be one of the following:

  1. Review/Quiz
  2. Midterm
  3. Final

Although homework scores have no effect on your course grade,
if you submit your answers by the scheduled deadline, you will receive an itemized assessment of your labor, the following day, 24 hours before the midterm/final. On the review/quiz days, you can ask questions about mistakes you made concerning your timely submitted homeworks.

Whether or not you submit answers, everyone will receive an answer key simultaneous with the homework itemized assessment.

It therefore follows…

Submitting homework answers after its deadline is irrelevant, as the answer key by then will be revealed.

Late homework submissions will NOT be assessed