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    Karen is 6 years older than her sister Michelle, and Michelle is 2 years younger than their brother David. If the sum of their ages is 62, how old is Michelle?

    a. 20
    b. 24
    c. 16
    d. 18


    A barista averages making 16 coffees per hour. At this rate, how many hours will it take until she’s made 1,200 coffees?

    a. 75 hours
    b. 65 hours
    c. 60 hours
    d. 80 hours


    Camille uses a 20% off coupon when buying a sweater that costs $47.99. If she also pays 6% sales tax on the purchase, how much does she pay?

    a. $50.87
    b. $43.64
    c. $38.39
    d. $40.69


    At Michael’s smoothie shop smoothies cost $3.50 during the week and $4.00 on weekends. If Jonathan bought a smoothie every day except Saturday how much did he spend on smoothies that week?

    a. $17.50
    b. $21.00
    c. $21.50
    d. $25.50


    In a classroom of 32 students, 14 are male. What percentage of the class is female?

    a. 56%
    b. 44%
    c. 46%
    d. 52%


    Cory’s average score after 8 tests is 91%. If he gets a 78% on his 9th test, what will his new average be?

    a. 87.5%
    b. 89.6%
    c. 90.5%
    d. 89.5%


    Julie gives 7 pieces of candy to each of her friends. If Julie gives all of her candy away, which amount of candy could have been the amount she distributed?

    a. 161
    b. 128
    c. 162
    d. 145


    Four out of 28 students had to go to summer school. What is the ratio of students who did not have to go to summer school to the total number of students in this group, expressed in its lowest terms?

    a. 7/8
    b. 4/5
    c. 6/7
    d. 9/10


    If doughnuts are usually 75 cents each, but there is a sale on Friday advertising them as 1 dozen + 1/2 dozen for $10.80, what is the new cost for just one doughnut?

    a. 65 cents
    b. 50 cents
    c. 55 cents
    d. 60 cents


    A cross country coach just announced that, by the end of the quarter, all students should run the 10 miles in less than 70 minutes. There are 15 students in the group.
    6 of them ran 10 miles in 1 hour + 5 minutes
    4 of them ran 10 miles in 1 hour + 3 minutes
    2 of them ran 10 miles in 1 hour + 9 minutes
    3 of them ran 10 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes.
    How many students made the goal?

    a. 10
    b. 3
    c. 4
    d. 12


    You just went on a blind date and wanted to impress the girl by adding an 18% tip to the total cost of the meal. Two entrees came to a total of $35.90. The total for desserts came to $7.50 and the beverage total cost was $6.60. What is the 18% tip going to cost?

    a. $5.00
    b. $9.00
    c. $7.75
    d. $8.50


    You are asked to buy bags of cement to pour a cement pad for a hot tub. You need to fill the pad frame which has an 8-foot square base and one-foot high sides. Each bag of cement mixed will fill 5 cubic feet in the frame. How many bags will you need to buy to ensure enough to fill the entire frame?

    a. 8 bags
    b. 10 bags
    c. 13 bags
    d. 12 bags


    You are asked to chart the temperature during an 8 hour period to give the average. These are your results:
    7am : -10 degrees
    8am: 0 degrees
    9 am: 30 degrees
    10 am: 36 degrees
    11 am: 40 degrees
    12 pm: 42 degrees
    1pm: 42 degrees
    2 pm: 41 degrees

    What is the average temperature?

    a. about 40 degrees
    b. about 28 degrees
    c. about 30 degrees
    d. about 32 degrees


    Your uncle passed away and left you and your siblings his private property. He owned a 180 acre ranch and there are 3 of you. Each acre is valued at approximately $3,000. This means the monetary value for each sibling will be:

    a. $60,000
    b. $180,000
    c. $54,000
    d. $18,000


    You are planning your vacation and trying to figure out the total number of miles you will be traveling on a round trip from Portland, Oregon to Denver, Colorado, and back to Portland, Oregon. The scale for the map you are consulting shows that 1 inch = 70 miles. Measuring, you find that you will be traveling 1,812 inches for the one-way trip. What is the total number of miles you will be traveling during the entire round trip?

    a. 2,590 miles
    b. 1,548 miles
    c. 629 miles
    d. 1,295 miles


    Pete and his partner Mike made a huge profit in their software business together this year and have decided to use $20,000 of the profit for a Christmas donation to their favorite charities. Each will contribute an amount proportional to the amount he invested in starting the business. The investment ratio of Pete to Mike is 4:1. How much money will Mike get to donate to his charity?

    a. $3,000
    b. $16,000
    c. $5,000
    d. $4,000


    What is the sixth number in the series: 3,6,12,24?

    a. 96
    b. 30
    c. 48
    d. 90


    At a boarding school students spend 2/5 of their time eating and sleeping, 1/4 of their time in class, and 1/12 studying. The rest of the time is considered free time, which can be spent doing activities of their own choosing. What fraction of their time is free time?

    a. 4/15
    b. 5/12
    c. 3/10
    d. 7/30


    You just priced what it would cost to buy vinyl floor tiles at the local tile store. They quoted you $3.29 per tile. When you went home, you found the same tile for sale at an online outlet for $2.89 per tile. As a percentage, how much more expensive is the tile store’s quote?

    a. The tile store’s price costs about 16% more than the online outlet store.
    b. The tile store’s price costs about 14% more than the online outlet store.
    c. The tile store’s price costs about 10% more than the online outlet store.
    d. The tile store’s price costs about 11% more than the online outlet store.


    Susan went to the Spa and got a manicure for $25.00, a pedicure for $28.75 and a massage for $60.00. She tipped a total of $8.50. What is the total Susan spent at the Spa?

    a. $122.25
    b. $120.25
    c. $97.25
    d. $113.75


    Steve is mailing a small package. Postage rates are: $0.46 for the first ounce and $0.20 for each additional ounce. The UPS store is offering a special for $3.45 on a small box if your items fit, the weight not being a factor.
    Which of the following weights would make it cheaper for Steve to ship his package by the post office rather than by UPS?

    a. 15 ounces
    b. 16 ounces
    c. 17 ounces
    d. 18 ounces or higher


    Mike’s motorcycle stalled at the beach and he called the towing company. They charged him $4.75 per mile for the first 25 miles and then $5.25 per mile for each mile over 25. Mike was 29 miles from the motorcycle repair shop. How much was Mike’s towing bill?

    a. $131.25
    b. $118.75
    c. $137.75
    d. $139.75


    The sum of two numbers is 84. One number is 6 more than the other. What is the smaller of the two numbers?

    a. 33
    b. 39
    c. 32
    d. 35


    The grocery store orders ibuprofen in bottles by the gross. The first day after stocking the shelves with a new shipment they sold 5 bottles. The next day they sold 8 and the third day, 7. How many bottles remain from the original order?

    a. 131
    b. 100
    c. 104
    d. 124


    Cindy’s test scores on her first five tests were: 90,92,98,96,and 94. In order for Cindy to keep her scholarship, she needs to maintain a final average of 94 or higher. Which of these scores on her sixth test (the final) will guarantee her average of 94 or higher?

    a. 96
    b. 90
    c. 88
    d. 89


    A waiter earns $11.00 an hour and approximately 10% of what he serves in a shift. If he works a 6 hour shift and takes $425.00 in orders, his total earnings for the six hours would be ____.

    a. $106.50
    b. $108.50
    c. $42.50
    d. $66.00

    How many square feet of tile are needed for a 24 foot x 24 foot room?


    a. 576 square feet
    b. 96 square feet
    c. 288 square feet
    d. 144 square feet


    John is going to waterproof his carpeting which is 18 feet x 24 feet. The rate is 57 cents per square foot to apply the waterproofing solution. John’s total cost will be ____.

    a. $239.94
    b. $246.24
    c. $200.04
    d. $244.24


    A pen factory has a monthly overhead of $5,000. It costs them 21 cents to make a pen and they sell each pen for 99 cents.
    How many pens will they need to sell each month in order to start making a profit?

    a. 7,422
    b. 5,416
    c. 5,678
    d. 6,411


    You are working in a hospital supply room and make $13.65 an hour. The union negotiates a new contract giving each employee a 4.3% cost of living raise. What is your new hourly rate?

    a. $14.43 an hour
    b. $14.24 an hour
    c. $14.33 an hour
    d. $14.59 an hour


    You just left for vacation 2 hours ago. You have driven about 50 miles per hour on the 2-lane road and take an exit to get dinner. You call your Dad to check in. Your Dad has decided to join you after initially turning down your invitation.
    How long will you have to wait for him if he drives 40 miles per hour?

    a. 3 hours
    b. 2 hours + 40 minutes
    c. 2 hours + 20 minutes
    d. 2 hours + 30 minutes


    A pizzeria caters parties and just finished baking 60 pizzas. The church youth group just picked up their order of 14 of the pizzas baked. A school graduation party is picking up 13 of the pizzas baked. A martial arts club stopped in and bought 120 of the pizzas baked.
    How many pizzas are left of the 60 that were baked?

    a. 18
    b. 22
    c. 15
    d. 20


    Jill bought 2 cases of computer paper (10 reams per case) on sale for $85.00. The regular rate is: 1 case = $52.50. What was her savings amount on the cost of each ream?

    a. $0.75 per ream savings
    b. $1.25 per ream savings
    c. $0.50 per ream savings
    d. $1.00 per ream savings


    You take your dog for a walk in the evenings and it takes about 25 minutes to walk 8 city blocks. If you decide to do a “marathon walk” of 32 city blocks on a Saturday, how long will it take you to complete this?

    a. 1 hours + 25 minutes
    b. 1 hours + 40 minutes
    c. 1 hours
    d. 1 hours + 32 minutes


    School enrollments have fluctuated quite a bit in Oregon this year. The state department of education predicted there would be 300,000 students enrolled state-wide. The enrollment ended up being 375,000. How much of a percentage increase over the projected amount is this?

    a. A 25% increase in the projected amount.
    b. A 10% increase in the projected amount.
    c. A 15% increase in the projected amount.
    d. A 20% increase in the projected amount.


    You’re applying for a job that has a skills test requirement. In order to pass you need to get 48 of the 55 questions correct. What percent of the questions do you need to answer correctly?

    a. 67%
    b. 55%
    c. 75%
    d. 87%


    You just started a retirement fund by depositing $7,000 in an account. The annual interest rate (compounded yearly) for an account with an “early withdrawal” penalty is 5.75%. How much money will you have in your account if you leave it for 2 years?

    a. $7,080.50
    b. $7,500.28
    c. $7,402.50
    d. $7,828.14


    You’re getting in shape for a marathon and are going to use the local school track to build up to more mileage. The track measures one quarter mile around. If you ran 18 laps, how many miles would this be?

    a. 4 miles
    b. 3.75 miles
    c. 3.50 miles
    d. 4.50 miles


    You just drove 280 miles and it took you 5 hours. What was your average speed?

    a. 56 miles per hour
    b. 55 miles per hour
    c. 58 miles per hour
    d. 60 miles per hour


    You work in a hospital and make $15.28 per hour for a 40 hour a week. If you work the night shift you get a slight differential added at $2.32 per hour worked during this shift. You just completed your first week and worked 34 hours on a regular shift and 6 hours on the night shift. What is the total amount you earned this week?

    a. $625.12
    b. $519.52
    c. $611.20
    d. $615.20


    Your local library branch has 28 employees and currently provides approximately 48 square feet per employee for a work station. The library just hired 2 new employees. To make room to add these 2 new people, each employee’s work station will be reduced to about:

    a. 42.8 square feet
    b. 28.8 square feet
    c. 30.8 square feet
    d. 44.8 square feet


    Tom has been saving for a new car and finally has the money to make the deal. He put down $3,800 and will be paying $325 a month for 5.5 years. What is the total cost of his purchase?

    a. $25,250
    b. $19,500
    c. $23,300
    d. $21,450


    Eight girls in a club are comparing their weekly allowance. Jan and Sue each receive $10 a week. Lori and Tina each receive $5 a week. Julie, Christie and Faith each receive $12 a week. Cheryl does not get an allowance but her parents often buy her things as she needs them. What is the average amount of allowance given among these 8 girls?

    a. $8.25
    b. $9.42
    c. $6.75
    d. $7.00


    The distance between cities A and B is approximately 1,800 miles. If you drive an average of 55 miles per hour, how many hours will it take you to drive from city A to city B?

    a. approximately 24 hours
    b. approximately 36 hours
    c. approximately 33 hours
    d. approximately 22 hours


    You are hosting a graduation party and you need 32 gallons of lemonade. Which is the best buy?

    a. six 5-gallon jugs at $100 each + two 1-gallon jugs at $15 each
    b. one 25-gallon jug at $542 + one 5-gallon jug at $100 + two 1-gallon jugs at $15 each
    c. one 25 -gallon jug at $542 + one 10-gallon jug at $208
    d. three 10 -gallon jugs at $208 each + two 1-gallon jugs at $15 each


    Chris is driving a truck that can hold a maximum of 4 tons. He has a shipment of food weighing 26,000 pounds. How many trips will he need to make to deliver all of the food?

    a. 4 trips
    b. 1 trip
    c. 3 trips
    d. 2 trips


    Two monorails depart their respective stations at the same time. The monorail headed south is traveling 65 miles an hour, while the monorail headed north is traveling 55 miles per hour. Given this information, how many miles will both monorails travel in 4 hours?

    a. 480 miles
    b. 465 miles
    c. 570 miles
    d. 508 miles


    Your new remodel is almost done. The contractor needs to put the final trim on and needs 8 pieces, with lengths of 4 feet, 2 inches each. The trim is available from the supplier in 10-foot lengths only. What is the total length of the lumber that needs to be purchased?

    a. 34 feet
    b. 30 feet
    c. 40 feet
    d. 48 feet


    You just bought 4 take-out Mexican dinners. They were priced $14.96,$14.96,$15.75, and $17.85. You had a coupon to “buy one, get a second one for half-price on all items that are the same price.” (Only 1 coupon per purchase allowed). What is the total amount you paid?

    a. $56.04
    b. $58.04
    c. $63.52
    d. $55.25


    Bob just got hired for on-the-road sales and will travel about 1,500 miles a week during a 40 hour work week. If the time spent traveling will be 23 of his week, how many hours a week will he be on the road?

    a. Bob will spend about 13 hours of his 40 hour work week on the road.
    b. Bob will spend about 22 hours of his 40 hour workweek on the road.
    c. Bob will spend about 27 hours of his 40 hour work week on the road.
    d. Bob will spend about 20 hours of his 40 hour work week on the road.